Of Blogs and Finances

When we first decided to start a blog for and about Steampunk Road, we sat down and came up with a list of topics. It was not a long enough list to cover the whole month of August, but it was enough to inspire some confidence that it could be done. We managed to post something every day in August except for one, and every day in September up until we took some scouts into the mountains (beyond the reaches of online civilization) the last few days. Of those original topics, all have seen the light of day except for one still waiting on some programming to be finished and three posts about money. We have been avoiding the financial posts, until now.

Steampunk Road is essentially cost free to run. It currently piggybacks on another website, and the domain name is a nominal cost (pun intended). Unfortunately, Steampunk Road also generates no revenue. This was originally a requirement of the Google Maps API, but Google has since changed their terms, and it is now more a feature of the web site. We want to attract as many players as possible to the game by being available to all, free of cost and advertising. (More on this, and your chance to supply additional guidance and feedback, in tomorrow’s weekly survey.)

But one cost not mentioned above is time. As a web site with a staff of one, any time spent on Steampunk Road is time spent not earning money doing other things, like programming apps or teaching. So even though the cost to run the web site is minimal, the cost to actively develop it is quite high. That is one reason Steampunk Road has surpassed two-years old before its completion — we have been doing other, more remunerative things.

Although we do expect to continue to post here fairly frequently, it probably will not be daily, as we will be spending more time on creating the game and less time on the blog for at least the rest of September.

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