Facebook Registrations Fixed

If you tried to register using your Facebook login any time between now (September 1, 2013) and immediately after the guilds were introduced (August 15, 2013), then you may have been puzzled by your complete lack of a guild. That issue has been identified and rectified. New registrations with Facebook login should work fine now with no problems, and those of you who had registered prior to the introduction of guilds should have had no issues.

If you ever have an issue with the game, please report it in the forums or send an email to “Bugs” at SteampunkRoad.com.

One Response to “Facebook Registrations Fixed”

  1. RedQuark Says:

    A side-effect of fixing the Facebook registration problem is that we finally got around to randomizing new users’ destinations and vessels. So there will be no more endless streams of rainbow balloons headed to Berlin unless someone organizes a rally.

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