A Steampunk Road Tutorial – Part II

So you have registered and logged in to Steampunk Road. “What next?” you ask.

Well, the best place to start is the “Settings” menu to personalize your experience. Simply click on the “Settings” button from any of the menus. Once there, you can view your settings or change any of the following:

  • Your name
    • This should be your name in the real world. Like all of the other settings under the “Private Settings” category, it is not available to the other traders plying the Steampunk Road.
  • Your email address
    • This should be a real email address where you want to receive important announcements about Steampunk Road.
  • Your message notification preference
    • If you provided your email address, you can also receive notifications whenever you receive a message from another trader in Steampunk Road.
  • Your game notification preference
    • Same as above, you can receive notifications of any important status changes in any of the games you are playing in Steampunk Road.
  • Your default map zoom
    • You may want a satellite’s view of what is going on in Steampunk Road. Or perhaps you are more down-to-Earth. You can zoom in or out on the map at any time, but you can also set your default zoom such that your spyglass starts at exactly just the right magnification.
  • Your avatar name
    • This should be your trader name on the Steampunk Road. Like the remainder of these settings, your avatar name is visible publicly.
  • Your avatar image
    • This should be a picture of you as you appear on the Steampunk Road. Or perhaps you are a mysterious figure, known only by the flag you fly. No matter which image you pick, this is how you will be seen by other traders. Please keep images at least PG-13 or younger and at a 3:4 (width-to-height) ratio for best results.
  • Your language
    • This will change the language in which menus, messages, and other things are displayed.
  • Your time zone
    • Time zones are listed by continent/city. If your real-world city is not listed, find a nearby city that shares your time zone.
  • Auto-Reply
    • Need to take a break from the Steampunk Road, but don’t want to leave other traders in the dark? Leave a message for them here. Don’t forget to come back and turn it off when you are ready to interact with others again.

Is there something else you want personalized in Steampunk Road? Let us know in the comments or send us a message!

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